Eradicating Burnout
One Assessment at a Time

A data-driven risk assessment solution for health systems. Our software leverages Artificial Intelligence to proactively identify and report the primary drivers of employee burnout, including insufficient resources, heavy workloads, chronic stress, and employee attrition.

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The Problem

The Cost of Burnout

Human errors caused by workload, stress, life events, burnout, and moral injuries cost billions of dollars and cause millions of medical errors annually in the U.S.
Direct Cost


Including reduced productivity from vacant positions and costs associated with turnover and replacing.
Human Errors


Healthcare workers who report symptoms of burnout are twice as likely to have made a human error.
Turnover rates



Hospital staff turnover rates climbed as high as 26% as workers retired due to burnout or went to work for organizations offering higher pay or better work-life balance.
The stakes are high. If we fail to act, we will place our nation’s health at increasing risk. Already, Americans are feeling the impact of staffing shortages across the health system in hospitals, primary care clinics, and public health departments. As the burnout and mental health crisis among health workers worsens, this will affect the public’s ability to get routine preventive care, emergency care, and medical procedures.
U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthy

Kevin, C.
Florida, Nurse

There was a point that I could no longer contain the heartbreak of everyone that had been lost.

Derick, S.
Nevada, Respiratory Therapist

The primary concern for burnout is not being able to emotionally take care of each patient individually or uniquelly.

Nisha, B.
Pennsylvania, Physician

Something has to change in the healthcare. Some good has to come out of this or it will be for nothing.